Frame Concept & Overview

The 'Halo RC Nemesis' is a lightweight modular frame, designed primarily for FPV racing. Currently available in a True X 210 5 inch kit, with either 14mm or 8mm wide arms. Weighing between 65g and 75g depending on how you build it, superior durability is achieved by the unique way all 4 arms connect.

When thinking about the needs of a race frame and discussing the requirements with some of the top racers in the world, we have come to some conclusions.

Racers are about as diverse as it gets when it comes to what they want from a race frame. So it was important we tried to accommodate for as many configurations as possible. This has resulted in a very comprehensive feature set, all whilst staying light, strong and durable. The option to carry a HD camera, a full size fpv camera or a micro, to use a variation of vtx and rx antenna's, and the option to run both 30.5mm and 20mm stacks up to 5 boards high. With all the combinations of components we chose to design a frame that is modular. What we mean by modular is that areas of the frame can be fitted with a range of parts that are specifically designed for the components they interact with.

The FPV camera mount is available in a range of styles and sizes. From a minimalist fully exposed mount, to a protective shell/camera pod system to secure your FPV camera's. Full size HS1177 style cameras and MINI cameras are not advised on this frame but we have designed mounts that will hold both securely but offer no protection from frontal impacts (many race frames have the camera sticking out the front waiting to be destroyed). The MICRO cameras are just so much smaller and lighter than the rest that we have concentrated on making these as secure as possible and they are the recommended size camera.

We have designed all the current modular parts from TPU and they are designed exclusively with this material in mind. We will be experimenting with other materials and whether we can design the parts lighter and stronger. At the moment TPU is a great 'all rounder' material, so we will be working with.

We opted for a design that uses a top plate and standoffs. This is a tried and tested design that offers a lot of extra strength and rigidity to the whole frame. The top plate is also a perfect base for attaching a TPU mount to hold a HD camera while remaining lightweight when not. The top plate is also designed so that you can run the battery top mounted 'Toilet Tank' style... across the roll axis rather than the pitch.

We have an awesome canopy design that has the VTX antenna mounting options built in. This has taken a lot of thorough testing before we could release it. Designing the pod was difficult but we are very happy with the end result. The canopy is not as rigid as carbon fiber but the way we have designed it makes it as rigid as a TPU canopy could be on this frame. This option is not as strong as running a top plate and standoffs but a lot of racers really like the look and aerodynamic benefits it might offer.

The next modular section of the frame is the VTX and RX antenna mounts. We have designed mounts that hold a dipole, an Axii U.fl, or a standard sma/unify connector. You can also use antenna tubes or an Immortal T mount depending on whether you use sbus or crossfire.

All the TPU modular parts will be available to purchase or download and print yourself. When a new antenna or camera is released it will be easy to design or adapt a mount to fit this frame, in essence future-proofing these areas.

We feel that having the 4 arms making contact with each other is the strongest possible frame layout. Without the resistance provided in multiple directions the bolts and arms are put under a lot more stress in a crash and are more likely to break. Usually to achieve this extra strength, the frame gains a lot of weight, but we have managed to create a design that splits the arms and butts them up against each other around the edge of the build area. This effectively creates a ring of carbon with a hole in the centre of the frame. Due to the arms connecting quite far out from the centre of the frame it has ended up extremely rigid and strong while saving a large amount of weight throughout the frame.

Not everyone wants to run a 4 in 1 esc setup with super skinny arms to save weight. So we have designed two styles of arms. Standard 14mm wide arms to fit all current small BLHeli_S and BLHeli_32 ESC's (sorry KISS 19mm width is too much), and 8mm wide skinny arms designed for lightweight motors and 4 in 1 ESC setups.

We have experimented with lots of different arm end designs and this is another area where opinions and tastes differ. We have chosen the simplistic minimal design and designed modular 3D printed arm end attachments in various styles to suit everyone.

Nemesis Kit Builder

With over 1400 different possible Nemesis configurations, you no longer have to build with components defined by the frame design. We have created a simple kit building tool to allow you to easily put together the perfect kit for your next build.



Want to print your own parts?

We have made the 'Skeleton' frame kit available without any TPU 3D printed parts. Upon purchasing any Nemesis frame kit you will gain access to the FREE 3D print ready .stl files and start printing up the parts you need.

All the 3D printed parts will also be made available to purchase from the best 3D print shop in the UK, Multi Rotor Spares. They have a much wider selection of colours and we don't mind admitting that their print quality is of a higher standard.

Naked Nemesis Kit

Nemesis TPU Modular Parts

Nemesis - Canopy (No Mount)


Nemesis - Canopy (Axii U.fl)


Nemesis - Canopy (Dipole)


Nemesis - Canopy (SMA)


Nemesis - Camera Shell (Standard Lens)


Nemesis - Camera Shell (Wide Lens)


Nemesis - VTX Antenna Mount Axii U.fl


Nemesis - VTX Antenna Mount - Dipole


Nemesis - VTX Antenna Mount Unify/SMA


Nemesis - Immortal T Mount


Nemesis - Antenna Tube Mount


Nemesis - Arm End Protection (minimal)


Nemesis - Arm End Protection (extended)


Nemesis - GoPro Session Mount (40 degree)


Nemesis - GoPro Session Mount (20 degree)


Nemesis - HD Camera Couch (40 degree)


Nemesis - Battery Gripper Pad


Nemesis - Minimal Micro Mount (Horn Style)


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