Icarus - 2205 1700kv/2500kv

Out with the old and in with the new. Introducing the all new Icarus motor. Featuring our very own bell design and a new take on the open bottom base, the 'Halo Base'. Retaining the separate exit holes for each wire and improving the aesthetic's was our goal, and we are very happy with the end product.

The 'Icarus' is a high quality 2205 motor manufactured by BrotherHobby. All 7075 Aircraft grade alloy construction, Titanium hollow shaft with retaining screw (no c clip), and the highest quality EZO bearings, makes this one of the very best motors on the market.

Weighing in at just 24g (with 3cm wires) we feel this is the perfect motor for a lightweight racer. In the hands of a pro, this motor will keep up with the best of the rest. In the hands of a beginner this motor is easy to tame and a great place to start to learn that racing is not all about who has the most power.

2205 - 2500kv


2205 - 1700kv


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