The 'Halo RC Archon' is a low profile top mounted battery frame, designed primarily for FPV freestyle flying.

Featuring a tried and tested FPV camera protection system with integrated HD camera mounting options.


The 'Halo RC Nemesis' is a lightweight modular frame, designed for FPV racing. Currently only available in a True X 210 5 inch pre production kit.

When thinking about the needs of a race frame and discussing the requirements with some of the top racers in the world, we have come to some conclusions.


The 'Halo RC Cyclic' is a ductless whoop frame designed for 6mm brushed motors and 31mm propellor's. Available in various configurations, True X, Stretch X, Wide X and a Stretch Plus.

Each frame uses the same 4 TPU motor mounts that are designed to hold the motors securely while providing some crash protection and vibration dampening.

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