VIFLY Finder Buzzer

We are very pleased to be a UK distributor for the new and improved 'self-powered' buzzer from VIFLY.

This little buzzer has some great improvements over other buzzer's.

  • A much louder buzzer is provided at the sacrifice to the time your buzzer will last without being recharged. 6 hours should be long enough to find your lost drone with this louder buzzer.
  • No soldering to the buzzer! This one uses a jst connector instead which among other benefits makes it easier to move between your fleet of models.
  • A simple button to disarm the buzzer is a much more user friendly function compared to others. Just hold the button for 1-5 seconds to disarm, no more plugging your lipo in twice every flight.
  • No need to disarm if plugging another lipo in within 30 seconds too.

This buzzer still functions as a standard drone buzzer operated from your transmitter, but if your battery gets disconnected it will sound the alarm for over 36 hours.

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