Frame Overview

The 'Halo RC Archon' is a low profile top mounted battery frame, designed primarily for FPV freestyle flying.

Featuring a tried and tested FPV camera protection system with integrated HD camera mounting options.

The Hybrid/Squashed X motor layout is widely considered to give the best handling, stability and flight characteristics for freestyle flying.

The chamfered arms are designed to protect your motors in the likely event of a crash. The arm ends will only break off in very hard impacts (only with concrete or stone during testing), this helps prevent the arm from de-laminating through the motor holes.


  • Armattan 3k Matte Carbon Fibre
  • 4mm Arms - 1.5mm Plates
  • Low Profile Top Mount Battery
  • FPV Camera Protection (25-55 degrees)
  • HD Camera Mounting Options
  • Hybrid/Squashed X Motor Layout
  • Chamfered Arms
  • Arm End Motor Protection
  • Spacious Build Area (20mm Height)
  • 7075 Aluminium & Hardened Steel Hardware
  • 5 inch - 235mm - 115g
  • 6 inch - 265mm - 122g

The 'Archon' is designed to carry a GoPro Session (or other box style camera) which is secured with a lipo strap or by using one of our TPU Mounts that does not require a strap at all. The HD camera has been specifically positioned to not be visible in the FPV video feed and to keep the props out of the HD video (tested in 1080p Superview).

Two vertical plates are secured together with standoff's to form the camera section and lock into the three horizontal plates (top, middle and bottom). The intension here is to help distribute the impact force evenly through the body of the frame and reduce the chance of snapping any of the carbon.

The camera section has been designed to protect the FPV camera during a crash. The front end is shaped to follow the path of the camera lens with an angle range of between 25 and 55 degrees. An additional carbon fibre brace is used to make the point of impact 3mm thick and a lot stronger (inspired by DemonRC Fury).

Any standard size FPV camera should fit perfectly. We have tested the fit with all the current cameras on the market (RunCam Swift/Swift 2/Eagle 2, Foxeer Monster V2/Arrow V3/Night Wolf V2 and most cheap plastic cased HS1177 cameras).

A lot of focus was spent on the end of the arm. We wanted to protect the motors from taking the force of any impacts, but also wanted to keep them lightweight.

Drawing some inspiration from the Hyperlite Floss and the X Hover Stingy arm end designs. We have created a design that is lightweight and durable while protecting your motors. In hard impacts (only with concrete or stone during testing) the extended part of the arm end can break off and prevent the majority of the arm end from de-laminating.

Mounting your receiver antennae in the correct way can vastly increase your range. For optimal performance, the antennae should be positioned at a 90 degree angle.

The 'Archon' has zip tie through holes at the rear of the top and middle plates. By mounting one receiver antenna vertically out of the top plate, and the other antenna horizontally out of the middle plate, you achieve the optimal antenna positioning while keeping them out of the props.

There is a lot of room at the rear of the frame to secure your VTX and antenna. Pigtail style VTX's can be secured to the middle plate with the antenna zip tied to the top plate. Non-pigtail style VTX's can be secured to the top plate with foam tape and a zip tie, with the antenna feeding straight out the back.

The 2.4ghz frequency used for you control link will not interfere with your 5.8ghz video transmission.

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