The 'HaloRC Guitarpick' is a 2-3 inch ultralight micro frame commonly referred to as the 'Toothpick Class'. Designed to be fitted with 'whoop' style boards or a 16x16 stack, and 11xx-14xx size motors with a 9mm diameter mounting pattern.

We teamed up with NJTech to develop this frame and together created the ultimate toothpick class frame. Our main goal was to make a frame that can be used to build many different setups and is easy to adapt to a wide selection of components.

Prop size was the first thing to decide before designing the frame and there was a slight difference of opinion on what we both wanted run.

NJ loved the fact that you could run 3 inch props in such a small package, the massive power to weight ratio can make the craft perform much like a bigger quad and is great fun for ripping around parks and more open flying spots.

Although Bludz also loves the flight performance this setup offers, he preferred to keep the craft as small as possible by running 2 inch props, making it easier to fly in much tighter locations that a 5 inch would struggle in.

Rather than either of us not getting what we wanted, we developed a design that has 2 motor mounting positions on each arm. The inner mounts are for running up to 2.5 inch props while providing a good amount of motor protection. The outer mounting holes are used for running up to 3 inch props and still provide an adequate amount of motor protection.

After a bunch of testing we found that the gains in rigidity and flight performance of a 2.5mm thick carbon frame over 2mm far outweighed the drawback of additional weight (+25%), and the resulting frame weighs just 7.5g.

The all in one whoop style boards come in a few different forms, so we designed our TPU camera mounts to work with all of them. There are cutouts for boards that run sockets and plugs for the motors, and we have retained access to the usb port on the boards that mount them vertically (such as the CrazeyBee boards).

For the initial release of the Guitarpick we are offering TPU mounts for nano and micro sized fpv camera, and in the future we will offer more options as new products are released for this class.


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More than 10 available

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