The 'HaloRC Odin' was designed for those needing a more hardcore micro toothpick frame that is more durable, and easier to repair in the field than those currently on the market.

We used a minimalist 'sandwiched plates' build method, along with boomerang arms, to create a micro frame with arms that are easy to replace in the field. Having to replace the whole frame of a monoplate design after breaking one arm is no longer a problem with the Odin.

The combination of 2mm bottom braces, 3mm arms and the 1.5mm middle plate has allowed us to use the right amount of carbon required in the places we want to add strength or reduce weight, rather than the entire frame being the same thickness. This has resulted in a very durable micro frame that weighs just 15g before adding your selected TPU canopy option.

By using seperate plates and arms also meant that we were able to orientate each part in the optimal direction (in terms of the carbon fiber weave) to acheive the best results.

The Odin has been designed to carry more weight than a standard lightweight micro like the Guitarpick, making it a far more suitable option for a DJI Vista setup.

We have designed a new range of canopies/pods to hold various components in different ways to suit your needs. From a new and improved Vistapick canopy to a race or freestyle analogue pod with included flip stick and antenna tubes (if required).

The Odin is currently only available with arms designed for a 3 inch setup, but testing on the 4 inch version is almost complete and will be available soon. The 3 inch version is a true x configuration with a motor to motor distance of 127mm (diagnally), this provides more clean air between the props and better clearance from the frame keeping them clear of an Immortal T antenna and the lipo lead.

The only supported flight controller and esc is a 25mm x 25mm toothpick style all in one with side exiting usb. The analogue canopies will only be available to fit NANO size cameras. These limitations should help people build with the most suitable components for the best experience. The Odin supports any motors with a 9mm motor hole pattern, this allows for a very wide range of motors to choose from to suit your requirements.

All variations of the Odin use the same carbon fiber parts and hardware to secure them together. Then depending on the kit you order you will receive the required hardware for your analogue or DJI setup.

For both analogue and DJI setups we recommend using the BetaFPV 20amp V3 AiO flight controller. We have tested so many boards and this BetaFPV one along with the V2 are by far the most reliable.

1404 size motors are perfect for a high power DJI setup, and 1204's are all you need for many analogue setups. With a KV between 4500 and 5000 you can use both 3 and 4 cell batteries and a whole bunch of different props to acheive the performance you require.

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