Osiris Frame Kit & HD Mount

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Alloy Bolt Upgrade Kit

This kit contains 7075 aluminium bolts that replace most of the steel ones and reduces the weight by 5g. 4 x 12mm and 12 x 6mm bolts.

Standoff Height Pack

Included in this kit are 8 standoff's that raise or lower the frame height. You get 2 front standoff's that are 5mm longer than the 6 body standoff's.

TPU Parts

Frame Overview

The 'Halo RC Osiris' is a freestyle frame designed with weight and rigidity as the main focus, with enough room to mount a wide range of components cleanly.

We developed the spine to allow us to move the arms away from the centre of the frame, making them shorter and lighter while retaining multiple points of contact for each of the four arms.

You can double strap your lipo in the centre of the frame, or at the back when running a HD camera up front.

The 'Osiris' is the first freestyle frame we have designed where the arms don't all meet in the middle and don't use the same bolts as the flight stack. Instead, the Osiris arms connect towards the front and rear of the body and the stack uses separate bolts to secure it in place.

Each of the four separate arms are held in place using a single through bolt. The addition of the spine creates a very rigid and durable structure.

You have the option to run either a full size 30.5mm stack or one of the wide range of fully capable 20mm stacks that are now available. There is another set of 20x20 mounting holes at the rear of the body along with through holes for mounting your VTX.

The front section is 6.5mm taller than the rest of the frame to provide more room for a wider choice of FPV cameras.

We have a range of camera mounts available to cater for all the various sizes of micro and mini sized cameras on the market.

VTX antenna mounting is similar to the Archon V2. Designed to secure an SMA connected antenna in place with the TPU mount over rear standoff's and a zip tie through the top plate.

The top plate spans the whole length of the frame and is fixed to the 8 standoff's with button head bolts. You can use any of the three sets of slots to hold your lipo straps in place.

The frame kit comes with 20mm standoff's for the deck and 25mm at the front. The height adjustment packs below contain the standoff's required to raise the deck height to 25 or 30mm with the front section using 2 standoff's that are 5mm longer.

The Osiris is primarily designed for analogue video systems and the standard freestyle drone layout (camera up front, flight stack in the middle and VTX and antenna at the back). However, while nearing the final stages of development of the Osiris DJI released the Digital FPV System.

We love the DJI system here at HaloRC but the air unit (VTX) is a lot bigger than all the analogue VTX's on the market. So we delayed the release while we tested various methods of mounting it without changing such a perfect frame for analogue. We have settled on two great mounting options that will allow for different component choices.

Both options come complete with a fixed 30 degree camera mount which is perfect for the extreme vertical field of view from the DJI system. The mount is made from TPU, so it is easy to punch a new hole if you feel the need to change the angle.

The first option mounts the air unit at the back of the frame by replacing two standoff's with lock nuts. The spine adds so much rigidity that these standoff's are not integral to the frame structure and our testing has proven that the top plate remains strong enough without them supporting it. This method allows you to keep the stock standoff height of 20mm, but you can raise the height if required.

You can run the 'Dual DJI Antenna Mount' with this air unit option. You will need to run a small 20x20 stack in the centre of the frame and will struggle to have the lipo connection out the back, side mounted is advised.

The second option is a TPU craddle that suspends the air unit above a single board (either an FC/ESC or a 4 in 1 ESC). You can then use the rear of the frame to mount a 20x20 flight controller and/or your remaining components.

The air unit can be mounted with the antenna towards the front and secured to the standoff's with zip ties.

Included with this option are 4 TPU risers that can be cut to the height you need to raise the air unit. You will also need to purchase the required standoff height adjustment packs below.

It would also be possible to mount the air unit on the deck and have a 20x20 ESC and flight controller stack at the rear, this would allow you to keep the deck height at the stock 20mm.

DJI Rear Mount Conversion

This kit contains the TPU air unit rear mount and DJI camera mount, along with 2 x 12mm steel bolts and 2 x M3 locknuts.

DJI Centre Mount Conversion

Included in this kit is the TPU air unit centre mount, the 4 mount risers that go over the standoff's, and the DJI camera mount

DJI Ready Osiris Frame Kits

These kits contain all the same parts as the standard frame kit, but the SMA antenna mount has been removed and the micro camera mount replaced with the DJI camera mount.

If you choose the rear air unit mount, 2 x 20mm standoff's, 2 x 6mm bolts and 2 x 16mm bolts will be replaced with the shorter steel bolts and locknuts required. The centre air unit mount option comes with the stock 20mm standoff's, you may need to purchase longer ones depending on how you plan on building your quad.

We don't include a mount for your air unit antennae because some may just want to zip tie them to the frame to save weight, so this is an optional extra.

Osiris DJI Frame Kit
DJI Frame Kit & Mount

Osiris DJI Dual Antenna Mount


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