Frame Overview

The 'Halo RC Rah' is a lightweight race frame, designed for mounting the battery on the bottom with up to two straps that don't interfere with the stack and hold the battery securely in place.

Using our new construction and arm connection method, each of the four separate arms are held in place using a single bolt and remain tight with no play to create a rigid and durable structure. The one bolt retention allows for fast arm replacement in the field and at race events when you have to carry out repairs quickly.

The 'Rah' is the one of the first frames we have designed where the four arms don't all meet in the middle and don't use the same bolts as the stack. Instead, the Rah's arms connect at the front and rear of the body and the stack uses separate bolts to secure it in place. You have the option to run either a full size 30.5mm stack or one of the wide range of fully capable 20mm stacks that are now available.

The stack is offset from the centre of the frame, another first for us. This has no effect on flight performance as the flight controller can compensate so fast without any need to change the settings. By doing this we are able to route the antenna coax and lipo lead more effectively out the rear of the frame while creating a bit more room up front for the FPV camera.

The FPV camera is arguably the most important part on a race setup, and the Rah has been designed with a lot of focus in this area. There will be a range of camera mounts available to cater for all the various sizes of micro and mini sized cameras.

The other modular area is the VTX antenna mounts. Our latest design allows us to create TPU mounts for any antenna and they use the top plate to help secure them in place.

Target Price - £40.00
Target Weight - 70g

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